Staying Motivated

Hi Jay,

What helps you to stay self-motivated on your goals and aspirations and what helps you to set new goals for yourself?

~Trying to Stay Motivated

Hi Staying Motivated,

I think that can be a difficult question to answer because motivation is never a constant feeling that one feels. My short answer to this is to remain focused on the vision.  Whatever vision or plan or dream that you have, keep that in front of you and that will always be the primary source of your motivation.  Everything else will be secondary.  Staying motivated is not always easy to do.  You should always use your dreams to be the primary source of your motivation.  There is nothing wrong with using other things or people to help you stay motivated, but those are all secondary and they may fail you or disappoint you eventually.  Your dream will never hinder your ambitions so long as you can always see it. Your faith and confidence in the dream may hinder your ambitions, but the dream itself will never hinder your drive unless you stop focusing on the dream.

When it comes to watching others who are successful, you can definitely let that be a force but always keep in mind that those whom you are watching have struggled or are struggling just as you are.  Would you believe it if I say that I get discouraged a whole lot?  Sometimes I want to quit on everything and everyone that I’m attached and assigned to.  This is the weight of your purpose and your vision working on you. I would not have a dream or a vision that did not make me want to give up sometimes.  That is how you know that it is very much worth chasing after and having in your life.
Every vision leads to the next vision and the next one after that.  You must be willing to move with time and always stay focused on the vision and the purpose of the vision.  You will never ever feel accomplished because as soon as you meet one goal, God will have already taken you spiritually to that next goal and you will always have a longing for the next aspiration.  That is how it works.  That is what keeps you motivated.  So, pay attention to your vision.

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