About Our Advice

If you landed on this page, then you are probably intrigued about what Hijayadvice offers.  We face all sorts of problems in our day to day living and most of the times, we want someone to bring a fresh perspective so that we can make a sound decision.  This is where we come to help.  HiJayAdvice is a free service where you can receive clear and free advice regarding any situation or dilemma that you find yourself in.  HiJayAdvice specializes in relationship advice and relationship coaching. We offer sensible one on one responses concerning all types of issues.  Our personal advice is catered towards pointing you in the right direction and helping you narrow down your perspectives in order to make informed decisions about your dilemma.

HiJayAdvice is like Dear Abby in electronic form.  We love to engage our readers and provide insight on any issue that they may be facing.  HiJayAdvice was founded in 2016 and we have been going strong since, providing sound personal advice on a myriad of circumstances.  We also specialize in advice related to Gay and LGBT issues.