Feeling Stuck and Stagnant

Hi Jay,

I feel like I’m in the prime of my life, but the reality of it seems to be indifferent.  Here’s what I mean.  I have so many desires and ambitions but when I look around at my circumstances, it just seems like I’m not moving like I feel I should.  I feel stagnant.  It makes me depressed sometimes and when I get like that, I start procrastinating and putting things off.  Help me to get over feeling like I am not doing enough.  What do you suggest?  I’m feeling stuck and stagnant.

-Feeling Stuck and Stagnant


Hi Stuck and Stagnant,

If I had a dollar for every time I felt the way you feel, ambition would not be necessary anymore because I would be well off.  On the back cover of my book, Turning 30, I wrote this excerpt and it reads:

We live in fragments of time.  We are never in the present spiritually.  Our spirit is always soaring into the future.  Our natural existence always feels like it is lost and is not doing enough.  The reality is we are actually doing really well for the season we are in.  However, in our soul, we are already focused on the next thing.  This makes us question our present season; while it is perceived as good to others, we are not so confident in that because our soul has already seen what is better ahead.  This is the gift of a visionary…

That excerpt reads longer than that but you should get the gist of what it is conveying.  Sometimes our ambitions are so high that it makes us feel like we are not doing enough to catch up to them.  The reality is that we are doing really well, but mentally, we have already moved to the next stage.  My best advice to you is to sit down with a notepad and jot down your thoughts.  Write down your accomplishments and then write down your goals and set some plans.  Put a time line on these things so that you can see the reality of where you stand as well as the capability of what you can achieve.  To-do-lists works wonders when trying to unclutter your thoughts.  Please see my article about remaining centered here.

At times, we have to ensure that we are not becoming overwhelmed with duties and expectations.  We have enough of that from our relationships and our jobs.  Try not to overdo it by expecting too much from yourself too soon.  “Consider the birds of the field, they worry for nothing but yet their needs are supplied, what more would happen for you if you did the same”.  This is a Biblical Lesson. This means, that birds have to plan for nothing, but yet their goals daily are met.  I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t plan for anything, but I am suggesting not worrying so hard about your plans.

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