Get Started

Meryl Streep once said, “Start by starting.”  I saw this quote the other day.  It was one of my daily quotes to show up on my quote calendar on my desk.  Then I saw someone post this same quote on facebook.  I guess the cosmos wanted me to really talk about this subject because later that day a good friend of mine created a live video talking about this subject of starting.  A few days later, my partner and I discussed the same topic, but he brought it up.  This thing about getting started must be a message that the World needs to hear.  As a matter of fact, it might not be the world, maybe it is just for you to hear.  Here we are; let’s talk about starting.

Many of us have many goals in our minds.  We often say, “One day, I will…”  We all one day will do something and then one day turns into one year and then one decade.  I spend a lot of time on this site talking about making plans and using visions. Life is about action and if we do not turn things into movement then we end up becoming stagnant so those plans to see the Grand Canyon never happen.

Get Started by Starting!

I do not have subheadings and bulleted points this time.  I just wanted to say Get Started!  Those two little words will take you far.  I speak on this in Turning 30, 40, 50.  The last chapter focuses on the art of manifestation.  It teaches how to manifest dreams into tangible things.  I talked about Isaac Newton and his laws of physics.  Law number one says that an object that is motionless will remain motionless until there is energy placed behind it.  This means to get started, you have to take action and do something.

The issue with this is that many of us fear that we will fail or we do not trust our own ability and so we do not start.  We may ask ourselves, “What if I start and things get out of hand or what if I start and I lose my money?”  But, what if you do not start and you never actualize your goals?  What if you do not start and you remain in the place that you are in now?  A dream is an answer to something you want to change.

Identify the rebuttals you give yourself everytime the thought of starting a project or a goal comes.  Figure out what is holding you back when you make these rebuttals.  Most of the time, it is fear and uncertainty that is stopping us from starting.  Starting something when we don’t have all the answer is probably like jumping out of an airplane.  I was once asked, “would you skydive?”  I had to think about that and I said, hmmm no because I can see myself seriously chickening out when I look out that airplane and see all those clouds and the land beneath them.  Even now, I shudder at the thought.  Then the person asked, “what if you had no choice.”  I said then I would just jump.

Sometimes this is what you need to do!  This is what starting is like.  You have to treat your dreams like something that you have no choice but to do and accomplish.  If you treated your dreams like you treat your job, then your dreams would manifest. We go to work on jobs that we loathe.  We get up at seven, six and sometimes five o’clock in the morning and why?  It’s because we have to do it.  What if your dreams were something you absolutely had to do.  Even if you didn’t have all the answers, the money, or all that you need to make them happen, you would show up and put all that you can behind making them happen.  This is what getting starting means.  Just get started.


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