7 Ways To Be A Great Partner

Are you a great partner? If you have ever been in a long-term relationship then you should know all too well that a good relationship takes work.  It takes being a great partner to have a great relationship.  A relationship comes to show you more about yourself than anything else.  The relationship will last as long as you allow it to mold and shape you into a better person.  As soon as you get to a place where you refuse to grow, then you simultaneously choke the relationship and it too will stop growing.  This is not to say that a relationship is all about you.  A relationship is a partnership that requires both parties to give equally, gracefully.  Here are seven ways that I believe will help you to fortify your relationship by being a great partner.

1. Respect Your Mate Like You Would Respect a Prominent Figure

This should be a no-brainer but unfortunately for many it is not.  Respect goes a long way and if you want respect then you have to give it.  You have to be respectful to be a Great Partner.  Please, and thank you go a long way.  You should also respect your partner by not disrespecting their opinions, desires, and perspectives.  This is especially important if you live with your mate.   You should offer your mate the same courtesy that you would offer a complete stranger that you encounter at the grocery store.  Sometimes, we can become too common with someone and those little areas of respect will began to dissipate.  Do not allow this to happen ever!  Treat each other with respect and courtesy.  It will set the tone for how you handle disagreements or tough situations or conversations later.

2.  Be Intuitive and Pay Attention

I cannot stress how important it is to be intuitive as it concerns the person you are with.  If you are in love, then this should come naturally.  If you are spiritual, then this should come instinctively.  To be a great partner, you must anticipate your partner’s needs by being attentive.  You cannot be a type of partner that expects your mate to tell you everything.  Yes, sometimes, you will have to read their mind and their vibes.  Pay attention to them.  Even in intimacy, you should pay attention to your partner’s vibes.  Great partners know how to communicate their affection and their needs sometimes without saying a word.  It will equally take two partners who know how to interpret nonverbal cues.

3.  Know Your Partners Love Language

The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate is a book written by Gary Chapman.  The five love languages are:

  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch

Believe it or not, everyone has a love language that is paramount to how they receive a person’s affections.  You can go here to find out what your love language is.  Your partner should take this quiz as well.  You will notice once you get your results how these things are true.  It is also good to know what your partner’s love language is so that you are ensuring that you are not alienating your partner or making him or her feel withdrawn from you.

4.  Court Your Partner the Old Fashioned Way

Courting is an old fashioned term for dating.  It is the period before things get exclusively serious.  In the olden days, men and women courted.  Men did not have multiple women at one time.  He usually had one woman that he courted and wooed.  Practice this old routine by dating them the right way.  You should enjoy falling in love with your partner.  If this is going to be a relationship to last for an eternity, you will appreciate the special memories that are created during this time.  Starting off this way also ensures that you two continue to date throughout the duration of the relationship.  If you are already in a partnership with someone that is past the dating phase, then pinch yourself now.  If you consider yourself to be past the dating stage then you are already in trouble.  You should never ever stop dating.

Here is a fun idea that I heard of once.  Get a mason jar or an old pasta sauce jar or it can be any kind of jar.   Take some cut up paper and write your name on some and write your partner’s name on the others.  Place them in a jar.  Once a month or however many times you feel is appropriate, go to the jar and pull out a name.  The name of this is blind date night.  The concept is this:  Whoever’s name is pulled gets to plan the date all the way down to the dress.  The partner whose name is pulled will need to pick out your clothes and theirs and chose the outing.  This is a fun way to ensure that you continue to date.  There are other date jar ideas here.

5.  Smile When You are Around Your Partner

Vibes and energies are very important in any relationship.  Most people will respond to what you give them through your energy.  Let’s face it, you are not going to always be Mr. or Miss Bubbly.  Even on your bad days, you have to remember the respect part of being a great partner.   A smile goes a long way.  Always wear a smile around your mate.  Your partner deserves to see you happy.  When you are happy, they are happy.  Now I am not suggesting that you will never be sad or upset about something that takes your smile.  If you are in these types of moods, then communication is the best thing to do.  Let your Partner now how you are feeling so they are not misinterpreting your mood to mean they have done something wrong.

6.  Be Supportive and Affirmative

When you are partnered with someone, you both are each other’s biggest support and cheerleader.  Even if this is not one of your love languages or one of your partner’s love language, support and affirmation are still important.  You should never ever, absolutely, never be antagonistic to your partner.  Do not be argumentative with them and do not treat them like a child when you feel they have done something wrong.  This goes back to the respect you should have for them.  Being supportive goes a long way towards providing a blissful and rewarding relationship.  Being supportive reinforces the respect and courtesy that should be there in your relationship.  When this is there, it makes your love authentic and strong.

You should affirm your partner by reinforcing their strengths and helping them deal with and manage their insecurities.  Likewise, do not comment on or place them in a situation that will make them have to face their insecurities alone.  A relationship comes to grow both parties equally at the same pace and the same time.  Affirmation is a catapult that makes that growth take place.  When you affirm your mate, you give them permission to be confident in their life with you.  From there, they will set their minds to accomplish great things for themselves.  When they feel good about themselves, it allows them to feel good about being with you.

7. Be Open, Be Honest

The one mistake that many people make when they are in a long-term relationship is refusing to compromise and yield themselves to their partner.  A relationship is supposed to be the coming together of two individuals.  This coming together allows the two to become one.  In this process, the two individuals have to be willing to be open and honest in order to let the other person in. There should be no secrets that you are withholding from your partner.  Being open with your heart, honest about your feelings, and vulnerable with your emotions will create a bond and a trust with your partner that will be very difficult to destroy. Your partner should be your best friend and your confidant.  Always be willing to be open with them to ensure that they are feeling connected and included.

Being a great partner is no easy feat.  It takes work, it takes self-denial, and it takes commitment. Many chase after the idea of a relationship but have no real knowledge or skill on how to be a great partner in that relationship.  A great partnership is going to train you on how to be a great partner which will help you be an overall better person.

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