Help Me With My Career!

Hi Jay,

I am about to turn thirty.  I’m in my last year of undergrad and I need some help trying to determine what I should do about my master’s program.  Right now I’m majoring in engineering.  My dad said it would ensure that I would end up with a good paying job.  Now while that sounds all good and things, I want to end up doing something that will fulfill me in the long run.   I regret that I waited until now to have this epiphany.  I could have chosen an undergraduate degree that could build to a graduate curriculum that would be more fulfilling for me.  I like to help people.  I am creative and I’m also a numbers person but I can’t imagine being fulfilled working as an engineer all of my days.  What can I do to go into my graduate program into a career that best suits my desire to help others?  Please help me with my career!

~ In need of career directions

Hi In Need,

Many people are in your position where they have an epiphany about their life’s purpose. I understand your concern about making the most of the time and effort you’ve already placed earning your Engineering degree.  My recommendation for you is to explore the way that you can take what you have learned and apply it towards a master’s program that will support you in a career field that will allow you to help others.  Have you considered teaching?

You may possibly be able to pursue a Master’s in education or further develop your engineering expertise and become a professor.  This can place you in the company of students where you will be able to utilize your gift to help others and still take advantage of the time you have spent on engineering.  At the end of it all, you must be completely content with your decision.  Take some time to study what you can do with an engineering degree and come up with a strategy of how you can use that to help others.

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