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We all remember advice columns in the daily paper like Dear Ann and Dear Abby?  We just love giving out advice and for free!  Just shoot us an email through the submission form!

We want to use this as an opportunity to provide advice to anonymous users. We are soliciting participants to submit questions to us and Jerome Tripp will provide a sound response giving his opinion and recommendations.  Every submission will get a response but depending on volume, not all will be published.  Please see Terms of Use and Conditions for any other specifications, rules, and requirements.  You must review these before submission.

Please use the contact form below to submit your questions and scenarios.  All submissions are intended to be anonymous.  Please do not use real names and locations.  Your pseudo name should be a catchy phrase describing how you feel and it should relate to the content of your note.  Please see example Hi Jay posts as a guide. Your submission will be received and Jerome will respond to you directly within one week.  If your entry is chosen to be published to the website, we will notify you of this intent.

Hi Jay Advice Submission

Hi Jay Advice Submission

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