Family17Welcome to my blog and online advice page.  I am using this space to offer my gifts of ministry and feedback to the world.  It is so hard for me to talk about myself so I will make this as painless as possible (for myself).  Let us start with the obvious, I love to write!  It is a gift that comes quite easy for me.  I can recall in my freshman year of college how I wrote my very first research paper two hours before the paper was due.  Listen, do not do that, ever!  It is not smart but it is my gift to write and organize my thoughts on paper that allowed me to do that.  I must also admit that I did that quite often throughout the tenure of getting my degree.  Of course, as I got into my Junior and Senior years of college, those papers became a lot more intense to write.  What were two hours in my freshman year turned into six hours as I became a senior.  I have been writing various mediums of material for a long time.

I started in high school with a selection of poetry.  By the time I completed high school, I had about 100 sappy love poems.  I threw them away in my early twenties.  In my quest to accept myself and find myself at the same time, I saw those poems as a connection to painful moments of my past.  In a knee-jerk response, I threw them out.  Today I realize I should not have done so.  In High School, I was editor of the 2002-2003 Edition of Salmagundi.   It is an anthology of creative writings from the students of the high school during that school year.  I was also co-editor of, Valhalla, our high school yearbook.  I have written two books in my life to which one is published. (Turning 30, 40, 50…).  My second book is a fiction Novel, that is currently being prepped for publishing.  Be on the lookout for The Bow… from the Rain.  This novel will deal with issues within the LGBT community and their struggle to become adults in a society that is against them.

I was licensed and ordained into Christian ministry in 2011 with about 3 years of ministry training before that giving me a cumulative total of nearly ten years in deliverance ministry.  My life has been one that has evolved with time and so far the greatest lesson I have learned is that we are placed here for self-discovery.  The thing about ourselves that we are to discover is that we were created to love and receive love.  I learned that the love we are supposed to give and receive has to first start with how we love ourselves. It is from this energy that I am able to pull the drive and passion for writing about various subjects.  It is my ministry experience that gives me the passion for writing about things that help people make it through this thing called life.  It is my business training that gives me the passion for writing about self-improvement and goal attainment.  Lastly, it’s the fact that I am a black gay man that gives me the passion for writing about social injustices and speaking up for the underdog.

I created Hi Jay with the purpose of touching people in their most difficult places.  The gift of Wisdom is not given to everyone and I would be remiss if I do not share that gift with the world around me.

As a reader of this blog or any material I publish or write under my authorship, you have my promise that what I speak on will be accredited from my experience, education, or one of the passions that I mentioned previously. I will also employ the use of my creative writing skills to narrate and create relatable scenarios from an advice and life-coaching stance. I hope you are encouraged, educated, and equipped by anything you receive from this site.  Drop me a comment. Hi Jay is my most cherished platform because it gives me the opportunity to communicate directly with my readers.  If ever you have a small issue that you would like to receive some candid feedback about, send me a message and I will respond, I promise :).  Please visit my Terms of Use before engaging any content or submitting content to this site.

– Jerome Tripp Jr.