Is Life Leaving You Behind?

Hi Jay,

Wow, I don’t know where to begin.  I feel like my mind and body is just racing all over the place. Have you ever just felt like life is leaving you behind?  It’s like I don’t feel content as if there is something pulling and pulling at me.  That stops me from feeling rested.  I’m not talking about physical rest, but I feel my spirit is not at rest.  What do you think is going on?


Hi Restless,

It sounds like you are anxious about something. Life is not leaving you behind. Meditation is what you need to do in this space of your life. Sit still and meditate. Meditation will allow you to see yourself and everything that is happening around you and within you.  Sometimes, we can become so caught up in our daily activities, our goals and trying to achieve them that we tend to lose our center.  What I mean by that is that we become detached from ourselves.  You must see if there is anything that is causing you to feel this sense of anxiety and uncertainty as it concerns your place in life.

What I hear from you is that life is happening around you and possibly to you but somehow you are not identifying with it as you should be. This can leave you feeling like you are out of place.  This out of place feeling can cause you to feel anxiety. I often say that the ‘weight of transition’ feels similar to what you have described. It could be that life is calling you into another thing or you have just transitioned out of or into a thing. Could it be another career, another city? I can almost bet you that you are at some stage of transition and the transition is weighing you down. It is for you to seek the spirit realm of your existence and discover what is spiritually pulling at you. Perhaps you are out of sync with whatever that is.

Take a look at my book, Turning 30, 40, 50.  I teach how to start living by your own truth and terms and doing away with the cloaks that life experiences and changes have given to you.  I think it will help you greatly. Sometimes we must find ways to decompress and let go of some of the unnecessary weight that we’ve taken on.  This too can lead to a person feeling spiritually restless.

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