Just Be

We enter into the word without a name and then, we were given a name but we are not given a purpose.  Next, we spend the next couple of decades plus some trying to determine what our purpose is in life.  I believe that we spend so much energy in trying to fall into the right category purposefully that we forget to just simply exist or Just Be.  When you have such a strong pull of purpose on your life, it is very hard to get into the groove of how you are supposed to matriculate your life.  I remember when I was in that place about 6 or 7 years ago.  Let me share a story.

I was ministering alongside my spiritual mother and pastor at the time.  She’s was ministering to someone and in the middle of the ministry going forth, she turned to me and said: “just be”.  Two simple words that had such a big impact.  I didn’t quite get what it meant but I was too profound to not believe that they meant more than what they seem to convey.  They did mean the simplicity of what the phrase conveys, but the phrase also presented so much more than simplicity.  From that moment onward, I begin to operate effortlessly in the mandate and the purpose placed upon my life.  I took those two words to mean so much more than to just exist.  They mean to be comfortable in your existence.  It means to move gracefully with the season and believe that you will always make it through every circumstance.  It means to live and let live and not to make living out your life such a task.  Just Be.

Be Like A Tree

A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking with a long time friend of mine and he begin to speak so profoundly about his fascination with trees.  He said, “I am fascinated with trees because I feel like we are a lot like trees.  I pull from trees an understanding of how to endure every season and every circumstance.”  He said, “If we were able to show the effects of our environment, just like trees do, what would our bark look like?”  If you look at a tree, they just are what they are.  They stay in one place and simply ‘exist’.  Their existing takes a little effort but it profits them much.

An unbothered tree can live for a long time provided that it is able to pull from the environment to which it is growing.  Have you ever noticed a tree that is growing next to a chain-linked fence and as the trunk of the tree gets larger, it begins to grow into and through the fencing?  A tree’s purpose to exist is so potent and so determined that if there is anything around it that will not move out of the way, it simply embraces that obstruction and grows with it.  This is what “just be” means.

To Be Or Not To Be

Listen, do not let anything or anyone stop you from coming into your ‘just be” space of life.  “To be or not to be, that is the question.”  When Shakespeare wrote this line, do you think he was pondering on the importance of the purity of existence?  The character Prince Hamlet uttered these words, in the play Hamlet.  For him, it was a question of whether to live or die, because for some, living hurts.  For you, living can be a catalyst.  When you ‘just be’, you take comfort in existing beyond your circumstances and beyond your troubles.  You take comfort in being able to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to get you to think a certain way or to believe their religion over your own.

Learning to simply exist and let life’s circumstances guide you along the way will be of great service to you. You must be relentless in spite of challenging circumstances.  Every gift that is given to you will perform and flourish in you.  It takes a little effort from you.  However, you must be wise enough to know that circumstances in life come to pull those gifts to the front.  When this happens, Just be.

Struggles Taught Me How To Just Be

I have met some challenging circumstances in life.  I’m only 32.  From enduring sickness, brokenness, lack, identity crisis, and upset, I’ve had to learn to just be.  I have had to learn that circumstances have no power to stop me from “just being”.  Sure, I’ve encountered issues that have drastically changed my life, but in all of that, I learned to “just be” in spite of.  You should learn this as well.  This is what Just Be can mean for you.  It means to be yourself.  Just Be also means to not allow situations determine your drive and it means learning to use your environment to thrive, grow, and become. “Become what?” you may ask.   You use this phrase to become completely yielded to your purpose.


  1. Naquan Williams December 12, 2016 at 10:29 pm

    Amazing how we are with ourselves 24/7/365 and yet many of us do not know who we are or what our life’s purpose is. I believe the road to self discovery starts with our ability to “just be” and to “just be” honestly and truthfully. What simply, yet transformational words to live by.

    1. jerometripp December 13, 2016 at 12:10 am

      It is very common for us to spend a great deal of our lives not knowing what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. Uncertainty seems to drive us a lot.

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