Life Changes

I was sitting in my car today and a tree caught my eye.  It wasn’t just the tree but the essence of the tree that caught my attention.  The tree’s leaves were changing colors and there were leaves that were on the ground around the trunk of the tree.  My mind began to ponder how the leaves will disappear soon, either by decomposition or by the cleanup crew.  Then I imagined that when the spring comes next year, this same tree will be sprouting a new set of leaves and then it’ll go through the same cycle. I thought to myself, “I wonder how many times has this tree gone through changes.”  Our lives are like the trees that change their foliage yearly.  As we grow, we shed and we change shape so that means the space we require changes.  We change height so that means the way we see the world changes.  Our roots become deeper which means we gain a greater understanding of the elements around us.  We aren’t as fragile anymore.  What can we learn about this symbolism?

Life Changes, You Should Want it To

Your take away is that life is ever changing.  People will live and die around you.  Jobs will change. Your kids will grow up.  Your life will change. Imagine each time change happens, it’s your foliage changing colors and falling to the ground. However, everytime change takes place, remember that there is not only change taking place but an exchange that is taking place.  For whatever it is that you are losing out on, whatever has changed, there is still a new thing to come.  Change is a part of life.  I feel that those of us who know how to embrace change will probably live longer and healthier lives. It will be those who resist change who will subject themselves to stress and frustration and lose out on opportunities for happiness.  I wouldn’t want to be connected to anyone that does not understand how to change with time.  If they are willing to be the same, do the same and expect the same things all the time, then growth is not something they care to be part of.  I want growth for my life and growth will require change. In my journal, I said to myself, “I spent 8 years living in the future and now the future is living out before my very eyes. I must learn how to live with it and grow with it and not be afraid of it.”

Focus on what Remains

You must live with the change that takes place in your life or you will become stagnated.  Life is a metamorphosis and sometimes the metamorphosis hurts.  Sometimes it involves losing a child or a parent or a spouse to death.  The secret to making change work in your life is to not focus on what was lost but focus on what remains.  When you do this, you are equipping yourself to take the change and make it work for you.

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