My Faith Building Experience: I Started With Pennies

I experienced this a few years ago.  I do not know the exact year.  I recalled this testimony and picture I took and wrote after all of this took place.  Many may see on the outside what the fruits of the Favor of God and my own faith walk and labor have created for me and still not really know how much brokenness I have had to endure to get to where I am today.  When others wonder how I am able to live unapologetically and confidently me, they do not know still what I have had to endure to build that level of confidence and self-acceptance.  I want to share this to encourage someone who is yet holding out for growth and promotion to take place in their lives.  Be Blessed – Jerome

Here lies the result of trusting God to supply my need when I trusted my vision more than the reality of my current state.

Some period in my life, I wrote this below after snapping the above picture.

This is what $1,183.52 looks like when your rent is late, with late fees and legal fees added. I spent about an hour scraping the bottom of the barrel literally to find this. It was this day that I fully grasped what I have always known…that every penny counts. I pulled out drawers and found four pennies here and four pennies there. I pulled out clothes, shoes, pillows and sofa cushions. I emptied out desk containers and junk drawers and this is the result of my search. Five piles of coins bringing me to the remaining $4.79 that I needed to fulfill my obligation. “Why didn’t you just ask for that”, you may wonder? “I mean surely someone around you had $5.00.” Well, I did not ask because I was too busy following what I saw. I kept seeing pennies. I kept seeing coins in diverse places. I kept seeing the redemption of the LORD. Seek me and you shall find me. And so, I found Him, in the pennies. “How so?”, you may wonder. Well, this is how so; For every coin I found, I was that much closer to my fulfillment. God was providing a way that pulled out my faith and my trust. I was confident that I would find the total balance though I was not sure how.

Now, I was short by $45 at first. The Lord showed me in a dream the night before three $10.00 bills and some ones in the pocket of a pair of pants. I remember pulling out the money and I wept. God had supplied my need. I woke up this morning remembering that dream and I ironed my clothes and I said Lord, that sure would be nice because it would be just what I needed. I was running late for work so I did not have time to entertain the idea of actually checking some pants and perhaps a part of me did not believe I would find anything. While at work, God showed me a pair of blue jeans and I remembered, there is supposed to $40.00 cash in those pockets. I remember that I had $40.00 in cash. When I got home, I pulled out the jeans and in the pockets was $43.00 in cash. That $43.00 brought me $4.79 short of my need. It was thereafter, I began to see the coins and I followed the vision until I literally “saw” my way out. I found $4.99 in coins.

I am educated and I am successful. I have a degree and I have a career job, a business, and I am involved in ministry.  I can attest to you that none of these things came without a sacrifice. In May of this year, I set forth to carry out a decree that I gave the atmosphere January 1 of this year.  I decreed that I would have a business that is turning a profit by the fall. In May, I had to make the sacrifice that caused me to be late on rent. My business had to have its annual registration filed and it was on the brink of being dissolved. I had held it with the state of GA for 3 years but had never done anything with it. The state had entered it to be dissolved. It was so not what I needed. Had it dissolved, I would have had to start it all over again which costs way more than the sacrifice of $200, so I thought. I had to make a hard decision on faith. $200.00 I sacrificed because I believed in my decree that God was going to bring it to past. I knew it was going to cause my rent to be late. I knew and I cared. I cared what it may do to my rental history.  I was concerned if I would be able to rent another apartment ever again. Yes, I cared, but I trusted my faith just a little bit more than what I cared about. Last Month, which was July, I earned my first profit. Albeit $75.00, and if it never grows beyond that, the experience of starting a business taught me: yes it is worth it.  The definition of an entrepreneur is “risk taker”. My vision goes far beyond the pennies. Oh, how I see property management and business management and consulting. One day, I want to share this story and say, “I started with pennies.” Don’t despise small beginnings. I want to always look at this story and remember, “I started with pennies,” and you need a penny to make a million. I don’t care how you spin it. $999,999.99 is not a million until you add a penny.

Oh, how wonderful it is to be able to look back upon that experience.  I actually did $3,000 in revenue by the fall months of that year.  I do not know what it is that you are facing today that makes you feel stagnated, but I can testify to you that faith will lead you to everything that you desire.  You must believe and you must be willing to make a sacrifice.  If you are stagnated, then ask yourself, “What is it that I am afraid to step out on?”  Do not let uncertainty rob you of a great and mighty future.  I am very practical and logical, but one thing I have learned in my experience as a minister and coach and a visionary is to never tell a person what they cannot do.  Faith is the substance of the things we desire and it becomes evidence of what we cannot see and do not have.  Faith says you can do all things.  I asked my niece, Samiya, last week what did she want to be when she grows up.  She said, “A singer.”  I said, “You can do it.”  You should always speak with affirmation whether it is affirmation towards someone around you or towards your own self.  She needed to hear from a role model that she can be whatever she wants to be.  I asked her, “What are you doing now to prepare you for that?”  I remember when I was younger and someone asked me that same question as I was preparing to enter adulthood, and I said, “I want to take up psychology.”  They proceeded to say, “There’s no money in that.  Don’t do that.  You won’t be able to find a career.”   I took that in and I eventually changed my major from Psychology to Business, after a quick detour through Religious Studies.  Based on this website alone, one would probably say, “Yeah, you should have stayed with Psychology.”  However, my business training has served me very well and I’ve made a decent income as a result.

My lesson from that is to never second-guess the thing inside of you that is pulling at you.  Never count what it looks like.  What this person told me is actually true.  Yes, it can be hard to make a lasting income with a psychology major, but it is not at all impossible.  It just has to be your niche in order to be successful at it.  You have to be creative, driven, and a gift to touch people has to be very evident upon your life.  Life has shown me now that it is never too late to step into your passions and to build on what’s truly within you.   What I want you to take away from this testimony is very simple.  Take away the notion that you can do whatever it is that your heart desires for you to do. You can be whatever it is that you desire to be.  Do not let fear and circumstances stop you from achieving your goals.  Stop procrastinating and stop making excuses.  How bad do you want it?


  1. Kimberly Washington November 28, 2016 at 11:23 pm

    I love it!
    Well needed all the way to the end!!????
    May God continue to Bless you.

    1. jerometripp November 28, 2016 at 11:44 pm

      Thank you Kim! That makes me smile that my testimony encouraged you. Keep pressing onward!

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