3 Ways to Staying Centered

Have you realized just how busy your life has become?  Do you ever feel like your mind is just so foggy?  What is happening to you is that you are cluttered mentally and spiritually.  When you become cluttered, you have a hard time finding a connection with your core.  Sometimes, staying centered can be hard to do. This is especially true when you have a lot of responsibilities.  For some, there is the pull of kids left and right and for others there is the pull of work and a job.  What do you do and how do you manage?  The definition of insanity is sometimes coined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a change to take place.  If you are realizing that your life has become a monotony of work, and chores and responsibilities all while looking for something better to happen, then you are setting yourself up for insanity.  Here are 3 ways to stay centered so that you can get your life back on track, be happy, fulfilled, and productive.


Meditation is one of the better ways to get back to yourself.  It allows you to think on things that bring you peace and calm.  Sometimes meditation does not require much thinking at all.  It can simply be a mode of silence where your mind can just rest from having to process things.  Whenever you are feeling like you have too much going on, stop and meditate.

There are several ways that one can meditate. You should incorporate activities that bring you peace and reduce stress in your meditation.  Some like to listen to music.  That is what I like to do.  I like a combination of instrumental strings and horns.  What all forms of meditation have in common is breathing.  Breathe slowly, inhaling and exhaling, while you are engaging in your meditative activity.  This will allow you to reduce stress and will allow your mind to mellow.  What you were clogged up about will no longer matter.

Go here for additional meditation techniques.

Make Lists

Make lists, literally.  We tend to process things better when we can see them in an itinerary.  The truth is we can become overwhelmed when we realize we have a task or some large expectation looming over our heads.  If we write out a to-do list, it makes our responsibilities and goals not seem so daunting.  Stress is a driving factor behind losing your connection to your core.  When you are stressed, you will worry to no end about things that you likely do not have the power to change.  Therefore, when you make your list, be sure to not list lofty achievements that will stress you out.  Remember, the point of making lists is to organize your time, not clutter it with more activity.

Stay Active

For a lot of us who are corporate ladder climbers or ambitious business owners and the alike, we spend so much our time churning out mental energy.  Once we get completed with our day, we go home and lay right in front of the TV.  In our minds, this is relaxing, and it is.  However, it is a temporary fix that does not relieve mental and emotional fogginess.  You need to get and stay active.  Exercising not only promotes great health for your heart, but it also refreshes your mind by releases certain endorphins that ultimately help your overall mood.  This is a good step to implement because not only does staying active help reduce mental fatigue, it can also be coupled with some form of meditation.  Try yoga or a nice walk in a lovely park or a mountain hike.  If you find peace with being around nature, you now have a way to stay active and mediate in one activity.  They both will do wonders for your mental health.


When you are centered, it benefits you in many ways.  You become more productive, your mood stabilizes, and you are physically fit.  All of these things can ensure that you can lead a life that is a lot less stressful and more fulfilling.

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