What To Do When Your Back Is Against The Wall

father I stretchThere will come a few times in life where it will seem like hell, literally, comes to visit.  We will be faced with issues and dilemmas that will literally seem like they are beyond our control.  Sometimes, they will be beyond your control what do you do when you are in a situation like that?  Your faith plays a big role when you are placed in situations where your back is against the wall.  When your back is against the wall, there is no where you can turn to.  Being backed into a corner means that you have to stand and face the issue that is before you.  Sometimes you will be powerful against it and sometimes the issue will really get the best of you.  It is in that moment that you must depend on God to give you the strength you need when you are in a weak moment.  What do you do when it seems like there is nothing you can do?  You have to recharge your faith. It will take faith to help you in tough situations.  You will also have to be willing to relinquish control of the situation.   Lastly, don’t lose hope.  Always fight until the end.

Recharge Your Faith

It is hope that pushes us from one moment to the next.  Hope gives us something to look forward to.  It is this same hope that will help you when you are faced with issues that seem insurmountable against you.  Where there is little faith then there is little ambition, little focus, and little will power.  If you already believe that you are defeated then you are already defeated.  Faith is believing in something that does not exist.  It is hoping on the chance that what seems impossible will happen.  Sometimes, faith is what keeps you calm when everything else seems to be falling apart around you.  It is believing that God will heal your body but yet you are still feeling the symptoms of your sickness.  Faith gives you courage to speak things in confidence.  Also, faith will cause you to take action when it seems that the odds are against you.  This may sound odd but I am going to say it anyway.  Faith sometimes comes straight out of your desperation.  When you’re back is against the wall, and you have nothing else to lean on, then why not lean on faith?

Relinquish Control of the Situation.

You will only feel like your back is against the wall when you have exhausted all effort that you can do to fix a circumstance.  What I have learned is that refusing to acknowledge when a problem is too big for you to solve is what causes the bulk of your frustration.  I will use a traffic incident I experienced on yesterday as a symbol.  Yesterday I was in the typical afternoon Rush hour jam-up on I-85 in Atlanta.  As with all jam ups, there are periods of moving and them periods of stops and sometimes the stopping can be abrupt.  Traffic was flowing and the car in front of me came to an abrupt stopped which caused me to come to an abrupt stop.  I looked in the rear-view menu to see this Toyota driving full speed behind me.  It was in that moment that I just grabbed the wheel and braced myself for a hearty rear-end impact.  I said “please don’t hit me”.  When it seemed like he would indeed hit me, I forced the weight of myself down in the seat and pushed head flat against the headrest ready to receive the impact because it was in that moment I knew there was nothing that I could do to prevent what I thought was about to happen.  Now this will sound cliché, but then I hollered out the name of Jesus.  Let’s just say the Toyota stopped just short of my bumper without an impact.  Sometimes you will find yourself in a near impact experience and it is in those moments where you will truly have your back against the wall with no ability to prevent a bad situation.  It is that moment that you brace for the worse by being willing to go through  the tough moment.  Also in that, you should relinquish your control and be okay with that.  Relinquishing control means acknowledging that  you cannot fix the issue.  When you  have reached this realization use your faith to believe that God can and will step in on your behalf.  Psalms 130 captures the essence of this idea.  Sometimes your desperate situations place you in a perfect place to cry out to God, seeking him for help.

Do Not Lose Hope

God has already promised that he will never leave nor forsake us. (Deuteronomy 31:6) We can take this promise and establish hope that no matter how tough the situation becomes, God will always be right there in the midst of us.  He reminds of this in Hebrews 6:18-19.  Even here, God speaks of a “hope that lies before us” and tells us to “lay hold of it”.  Now isn’t that something?  Not only does God promise to keep us but he promises to provide us with the hope that we need to anchor us in tough situations.  Ultimately, these set of scriptures reminds us that it is the salvation of Jesus Christ that allows us to be victorious against any situation that we face.  Once before I mentioned how I learned through my trials that there is nothing so bad on this earth that could happen to me, except I die and even then I get to see Jesus because of His Salvation.  This is what having hope is all about.  That is why no matter how much you face an issue and it seems like you are down for the count, there is a glory that is with you that will ensure that you will forever prevail.  Change your perception on how you view defeat.  Just because you were not able to see your way out on your own does not mean that you have been defeated.  God is made strong in our weaknesses.  (2 Corinthians 12:9)


What you should conclude from this is that sometimes situations are not meant for you to have all the answers to resolve.  You have a need for Jesus to take the wheel when driving becomes overwhelming for you.  It takes faith to get through life.  If you do not hold the capacity to exercise faith then life will definitely overpower you.  I understand that sometimes in rough situations your faith may falter but you must always know that your faith is what will help you get through those tough situations.  You must allow yourself to see that you can get through anything in this life and some of those things will not require your help or your strength.  If you have to always figure things out then you will always find yourself being frustrated by tough situations.  That may seem hard but consider that your situation is just as hard to deal with.  You are already toughing it out.  Do not give in to the temptation to throw in the towel.  You must keep your hope alive and well.  The whole point of this is to get you to understand that it is in God where we have our strength and our existence.  He is not far from us.  These tough trials come to reinforce the intent of God’s choice to be your father.  (Acts 17:26-29)  This is what you must do when you find yourself in a hard predicament.  You must remember, through faith, that God is your hope and your portion.  Just like the song says, “Father, I stretch my hands to thee, no other help I know.  If thou would withdraw from me, where wouldst I go”

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